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Sure, everyone wants their event to be “Standing Room Only” — just as long as we have a seat! Check out some of the seating we’ve done…

Chair Options

Contact us for pricing — (970) 241-1914


  1. Mariela Estrada

    I would like to get prices on chairs. Thank you.

  2. Terrin Frey

    I would like a quote for table and chairs for 150 people please

    • admin

      HI Terrin:

      8’x30″ banquet tables rent for $10 each, 60″ round tables rent for $10 each; both typically seat 8 folks per table.
      The most common chair we rent is a white folding chair that rents for $1.50 each. We have other chairs available which you can see in our show room at 2801 Grand Avenue. Tables for 150 at 8 per table is 23 tables, or $230, chairs $225. Delivery/pickup available cost distance dependent.

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