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When renting tents and equipment for your outdoor event, everything needs to be done right and you need to have vendors with experience. You have one shot to make it right. We have the experience, product knowledge, and staffing to make sure your event goes off perfect!


For customized quotations on rentals, please contact one of our consultants who can help you identify what items and options you should consider for your event. Let us know the location of the event, approximate guest count, and an idea of the items you are interested in.

For your event, you will need to consider the following:

•  Tents (how many and what size)

We have a number of tent sizes which offer a large number of layouts, just take a look through this portfolio.  A consultant can help choose the correct number and/or size of tents you may need. The information will give you an idea of how much sq. feet per person of tent space you will need – however, more space may be necessary to accommodate bars, dance floors, buffets, tables, etc.

•  Tent Sidewalls

Some events will use retractable tent sidewalls – providing privacy, climate control, and to help control lighting.

•  Lighting

Lighting sets the mood and creates the atmosphere for your event. We have a selection of lighting options to choose from and can customize lighting to fit your needs.

Additionally, you may need to consider…

•  Power Generation

This is something often overlooked for outdoor events and something some you may need to consider. Many events will not only need power for lighting, but also for audio/video equipment, refrigeration and other power needs. Ask us about solutions for your power needs.

•  Climate Control

We offer both heaters, fans and evaporative air-conditioning if needed.

•  Tables, Chairs, and Linens

We carry a variety of tables, chairs, and linens to suit your event. We also have a wide variety of décor items to help set the mood for your event.

Approximate seating capacities for GEPR tents:

» 20’x20’ – will seat 40 people at five 60″ round tables – or should seat up to 70 people in chairs;

» 20’x40’ – will seat 80 people at ten 60″ round tables – or should seat 130-140 in chairs;

» 30’x40’ Hexagon (6 sides) – will seat 120 at fifteen round tables – or should seat 150+ in chairs.

We can put these tents together to create a number of sizes and configurations.


  1. Rebecca

    Hi, I am getting married in October and I was wondering what your prices are on the tents. I am not sure what size yet though. There will be roughly 100 people. Thanks!

  2. jordan

    Where can I find rates for tents, including set-up, take-down and delivery? I would want the 30′ x 40′ Hexagon tent, lighting and sides would not be necessary.

  3. Rachael Hale

    Hello, my name is Rachael and im lookimg for a price quote for a tent for a wedding october 8. There will be between 40-55 guests. The tent will be for the reception, which will need to cover tables, chairs, a dance floor and dj. Could you please advise on size and a price? Thank you!

  4. sarah

    Hi there-
    What would your rate be for the 20 x 20 tent, with 5 60″ round tables and white chairs for 40 people? This would be for an event held in my back yard, looking for rentals for saturday June 4th.

  5. Brooke

    Can you send me pricing info on tents? Expecting around 100-125. Interested in the side walls and lighting as well.

  6. Melissa Clapp

    I’m would like a quote for a tent rental for the 20×40

  7. Lisa

    Hi- would like a price on your hexagon tent, tables, chairs, and linens. We are hosting a reception at our farm in Montrose on July 1, 2017. Approximately 150 people. Would also like to rent a dance floor. Any info you have is appreciated. Thanks!

  8. James

    Hi, we are getting married on the 09/09/2017 in Palisade, can you please email us a price list for your tents? Thanks

  9. Anna

    Hello, I’d love to receive a proposal/estimate for your different tent options for a wedding in a Telluride for 140 people on a Saturday this July or August. Thank you very much!

  10. Krystal Nish

    I am having a wedding in Rangely CO in June approximately 150 people. Requesting info on prices and sizes.

  11. Adriana

    Hi I was wondering how much a 20×30 and 30×40 tent cost? We’re thinking about having 100 people at our wedding for a back yard reception

  12. Alice Chapman

    Hi, I will be getting married on July 1st. I will have about 200 people. I already have rectangular tables and chairs. Approximately how many hexagon tents would I need, and do you have that available for that date? I will be in town on May 5th to check out my options. I also need some other items. Thanks,

  13. Tina l Foster

    Where can I find the rates for a 20×20 tent

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