Whether you are wanting to provide shelter from sun, wind or rain, a tent is the first thing to consider.  Tents provide shade or protection from the elements.  Grand Events & Party Rentals has a show room where many of the accessories for your event can be seen.  Frequently questions:

  • How big of a tent do I need for my party?  Answer:  Rule of thumb, figure 10-15 square feet per person, if seating for dining.  Thus, a 20′ x 20′ tent has a foot-print area of 400 square feet, yielding seating for a maximum of 40 people.
  • What sizes of tents do we have available?  Answer:  We have 10′ x 10′ tents, 15′ x 15′ tent, 20′ x 20′ tents, 20′ x 40′ tents, all which are heavy waterproof canvas canopies.
  • Do tents have side walls?  Answer:  As an option, solid, clear or solid with windows and/or door panel.  Most of them are suspended on a wire like a shower curtain that can be open for the view, closed if necessary for the weather.
  • What is the major obstacle to renting a tent?  Answer:  The surrounding infrastructure must be compatible with sufficient vertical clearance and erected on a reasonably flat and level surface.  Underground utilities, buried water and electrical conduits must be considered to avoid nasty surprises while driving stakes.
  • What is your question?  Call us 970-241-1914.  We will be pleased to help!

As part of Grand Events & Party Rentals – we offer a wide variety of accessories for your event.  Tables, chairs, lights for inside your tents or over the dance floor.  Need a platform for a band or performance?  We have stage units in various configurations.  We have linens in many sizes, shapes and colors as well as food service items including fancy china, warmers, beverage service dispensers, bars, and ice chests. The show room is available for your convenience  9-5 Monday – Friday and Saturday by appointment.   Call us!  We can help.  970-241-1914