Awesome spring weather! Scary as well! Whenever we have warm days this early I’m always torn, one part of me loves it, and the other worries that we won’t have any apricots on the trees again. If we get a hard freeze, that will be an awful “April Fool’s” joke.

On a more humorous note, International Be Kind to Lawyers Day is Tuesday, April 14th… no, this isn’t an April Fool’s prank. But just think of the irony. Who is going to go out of their way to be kind to a lawyer?

Now, to the lawyers I know, please don’t be offended (I only know a few, and a couple of them are okay), but really, shouldn’t it be the other way around? If, on the offhand you do know a lawyer you would like to be kind too… I guess you could wine and dine them, buy them a lawyer-themed gift, or maybe just give them a “Thanks for Getting Me Off” card.

For some obscure reason, lawyers aren’t given very much love.  While living in Nebraska I heard a few lawyer jokes, most I can’t mention in public, but there is one that was reputed to be the “Most Favorite Lawyer” joke in the state. It asks the simple agricultural question of, “How many lawyers does it take to grease a combine?” A strange, but intriguing question.

Combining on the farm

So, tomorrow is April Fool’s Day, you have been warned. Do not believe everything you read or see on the internet! That is true most any day, by the way. Just because something is being circulated on the web doesn’t mean it has any foundation in truth. I recommend that you put a bookmark on your browser for Snopes.

With that in mind… you might want to check with your boss on April Fool’s Day about “Don’t Go To Work Unless It’s Fun Day.” That might be wise before you set your alarm clock to sleep in, or skip going to work altogether! This actual event occurs annually on April 3rd. When it falls during a weekend it could be rather easy to sleep in or skip work altogether… unless you have to work the weekend. Celebrating this day could be a really tough sell if you work for a lawyer, and haven’t kept up with the International Be Kind to Lawyers Day… just saying.

That Moment When You’re On Your Way to Work but You Briefly Consider Driving Forever Instead

I’ve always been told you should look for a job you love, for those of you with the good fortune to have such a job, it’s probably easy to get up in the morning and anticipate a fun day at work. For the rest of you, here are some thoughts you could share with your employer:

  1. A pay raise – that could make coming to work fun, or,
  2. More paid vacation – that just might do it, or,
  3. Catered lunch from… (you fill in the blank), or even…
  4. A once a week FUN activity for all employees (buy your boss a copy of “301 Ways to Have Fun at Work,” but who wants to spend money on that?).

I’d strongly recommend that if you’re thinking of not going into work… you might want to okay it with your boss first. Unusual, off-beat days can be fun to join in. But, not if you lose your job.

So, where in the world did a day like this come from? Probably, like most of the zany national and international day of this and that, from someone with way too much time on their hands… but you can be sure that it wasn’t your boss!

Oh, you want to know the punch line to the lawyer joke?

“Just one. But you run him through real slow.”