October conjures up many fond memories. Cool mornings and evenings with warm moderate days.  Golden corn and soybean fields. Football games.  The beautiful palette of colors the fall trees make against the clear blue skies.  The smell of decaying leaves, and the rustling sound they make as the wind blows them around.  Halloween, hot cider, cold cider, candy apples, caramel popcorn balls, paper bags full of candy, costumes – homemade and store bought.  Trading candy with your friends, always trying to trade jaw breakers for chocolate bars.  Pouring all the candy out on the floor to see who had the biggest haul.  The excitement of going door to door to see what the next surprise would be.

At Grand Events and Party Rentals we can help you make new October memories.  Instead of chocolate candy bars, (although those are still good) how about a chocolate fountain with all your favorite fruit for dipping and a punch bowl filled with Sangria?  Or a champagne fountain accompanied by raspberry chocolate macaroons?  Wherever your fancy takes you, we can help make your next event grand.