September is my favorite month of the year. In Ohio, September was the month when the weather cooled off, the haze burned off, the sky was cerulean, and the corn and soybean fields were golden. It was warm during the day, but not hot. The humidity seemed to have gone down and the nights were starting to get cool. The Oaks and Maples were starting to turn and become an artist pallet of colors. Red, Orange, yellow, brown and green. Ah September. It was and still is, my favorite time of the year.

Friday nights

September meant Friday nights and football. Either going to the games when I was in Junior high or playing in the games when I was in senior high. Football games in small towns are the big social function on Friday nights. Everyone goes. Well maybe not everyone, but it sure seems that way when you’re young. It’s the place to see and be seen in a small town. It’s where you would meet that girl you had a crush on, or maybe meet the girl you didn’t have a crush on but soon would after the game was over. Either way it was the social event of the week for all ages.

Favorite month

September is my favorite month, not because it’s the month of my mother’s birthday. Not because it’s the month of my wife’s birthday. Not because it’s the month in which I got married. But simply, because it’s a month of transition. It’s not summer and it’s not fall. It’s not too hot and not too cold. It’s kind of like Goldilocks porridge when she liked it best – it’s just right. If I could control the weather it would be September all year long.

Remains favorite

September remains my favorite month of the year because it’s a great month to ride motorcycles in western Colorado. Last year I had several longtime friends and their wives come to western Colorado to ride motorcycles for a week. We put on 1300 miles in about 5 days. I enjoyed being host and enjoyed hearing and seeing their awe at the beauty that is western Colorado.

Let Grand Events help you

At Grand Events September is a big event month. Weddings, business functions, get togethers you name it and we’ve booked it in September. Whatever your plans are for September, if you don’t have what you need for your next get together, come see us at Grand Events and we’ll help you get set up.