She’s given him one big job.

Of course, he’s sat in on some conversations, and even been expected to write checks without complaining.  See, he’s making plans for his daughter’s wedding and reception, it’s going to be in his backyard.  Oh, the decorations and the details aren’t on his list, his work is to get the place ready.  And she wants a tent.  They’ve got a great location, with a fabulous view.  The house sits overlooking a large pond, with the Colorado River behind that, and as a final backdrop… an unobstructed view of the Colorado National Monument.  Any bride would be thrilled to have a spot like this.

They absolutely have to have a tent.  Good thing we do tents!  The wedding is planned for the middle of June, and it’s probably going to sunny, but we can easily have rain in June, so a tent makes sense.  They’ll need shade, definitely.  And of course it will be essential if it rains.  But, there is more to consider.

The site is going to be perfect and easy to set up.  They already have paved access behind the house to a large parking area that is flat and level.  Not only does it make it great for us when we show up to setup, but it’s going to be perfect for their guests.  Ample parking, easy walking, plenty of dance space, all in all, an ideal party site.  The only thing lacking is shade.

So, dad is happy to see what we can do with tents.  In listening to him describe their plans, and in doing an onsite walk-around, it becomes very evident that something is missing in the plan.

They’ve thought it all out, except for the element of time.  Specifically, the time of day they’ll be out there.  It’s an afternoon wedding, with an evening reception to follow.  But by evening the sun is getting lower in the sky, and before the party would really get going, the sunshine is going to be streaming right into the tent.  Sometimes we even get some wind in the evening, especially close to the river.  We had a solution: side curtains for the tents.

The bride wasn’t really sure about the extra expense.  She didn’t want curtains blocking the view, and she wanted people to have an easy flow in moving around.  The nice thing about side curtains is that we can pull them back and tie them to the corners, and voila, they still would have a great view and people could easily move in and out.  Dad decided to go for it – to plan for the unexpected. Then, when the sun began getting low, or if the wind picked up, or it started to rain, all they would need to do is pull the curtains shut!  Dad made the right choice, he went with the curtains.

The day after the wedding, while we were picking up the rentals, we heard how great the evening had been.  Did they use the curtains?  Absolutely!  The wind never got bad, and it didn’t rain, but the sun did shine.  And when it started going down, WOW! it was so easy to pull those curtains!  They were so glad they went with them, it would have been harsh looking into that sun, and it would have been even hotter.  The tents were wonderful, but the side curtains made it work!

End of story… uber happy customers.  Not because we had sold them on something they didn’t need, rather, because we knew what they would need.

We want to make your event, wedding, or party a success.  We want to help take the stress levels down.  We want happy, satisfied customers.  Come see us, and let us help make a difference for you.