It is so good to get away from stress!

The Hectic Pace of Life

It’s been a hectic week at work. So, I went home from work, and puttered around the yard for a while enjoying the awesome weather and the blue, blue sky. Eventually lit the grill, started supper and sat back slowly letting relaxation get the better of me. There is a measure of peace and contentment that comes eating right off the grill in the shade of the patio, chit-chatting with the wife as we let the day wind down. I really love having the time for just the two of us.

But as people, we are social creatures by nature. We love getting together with family and friends… and we love a party!

I like working with an events & party company. We exist to help people have great parties! Have you ever thought about what makes a great party? I’m not sure how much more of a 1950’s educational video offering advice about hosting a good party you’d find inspirational – but there is one good quote:

“The purpose of a party is to have fun.”

Cut Loose and Party!

Elementary, my dear Watson! That is what we want. And getting together with people you enjoy is almost a guarantee of fun. Have you noticed that it is really difficult to have a good party without throwing in some food and drinks? What is a party without something to munch and something to wash it down? Industries and fortunes have been built simply supplying those items… it is BIG business.

Sometimes all it takes is good friends, food and drinks. But often, we’d like to vary the pattern, we’d like to do something more. What do you like to do?

My family grew up in the metropolis of Rangely, back in the late 50’s and 60’s. No television, an occasional movie at the theater, and no internet, cell phones or video games. We were in the technological black hole. We didn’t know it, and didn’t care. We had a lot of family and friends, and most importantly, imagination.

Rangely, Colorado

We played all the usual games well after dark, we rode the wheels off our bikes, and we came up with all sorts of things to occupy our time. Most of us learned quickly not to tell mom we were bored. She always had some kind of work just waiting to be done. Unless you enjoyed chores, you’d better have enough imagination to come up with something to do.

Where do you think Mud Fun Runs, Insane Inflatables, Color Runs, Spartan Runs, Tough Mudders, and Zip Lines came from? Someone wanted something new to do… imagine…

It has happened with wedding receptions. There have always been traditions that took place following a wedding. But as time passes, we want something new to do, people can get tired of the “same old, same old.” Wedding dances have taken on an entirely new look, the bride and groom often plan and choreograph their first dance, and everyone wants to push that envelope. Line dancing can take the place of couples doing a waltz. Interactive activities are more the norm. Karaoke, where you have the chance to be a star, or at least embarrass yourself in front of a host of people, but it is fun! Photo booths for all of us to have our picture taken all while looking as wacky and hilarious as we really are.

Some of our good friends got together over the weekend, we ate and we played games… and at times laughed hard enough to snort. Now that is fun! We played “Liar’s Dice”, funny thing is, the women never won. In fact, they were invariably the first ones out of the game. I’m not sure, but the game might not have been as much fun as just being together.

Getting together… sometimes that’s all it takes.

Party On Anakin!