In the words of Glen Frey, “The heat is on…” Two plus months of cool and damp have turned almost overnight into hot and dry.

“The Heat Is On” – Glenn Frey

My garden, which for all that rain, did almost nothing, is now in serious need of work. Weeds have taken the opportunity and are trying hard to take over. And weeding is one of my least favorite summer activities, made even worse by the heat and the bugs that have joined their efforts to make my life miserable.

When will I have time for what I really want to do during these summer months? My love for fresh produce, means that I must press on. But the trails and the mountains, the streams and lakes, are calling out my name. I have fishing to catch up on (pun intended), photos to snap, and grandkids to play with. Yet, the weeds won’t wait. As soon as I’m free today… I must be killing weeds.

And I’m not alone. The boss is in the shop sharpening a hoe. You know what that’s about. Weeds. A weed is defined as a plant that is growing where it is not wanted. They’d be wanted if we could come up with a useful, and profitable way to utilize them. But until that day, we keep fighting!

So, what does all that ranting have to do with the event rental business? More than you might think. We did a wedding setup above Meeker, Colorado this week; the setting was beautiful and everything went together perfectly. When we arrived though, a crew was out mowing and weed eating (there’s a visual for you). Sure, they were cutting grass, but they were cutting just as many weeds… if not more. Weeds can seriously ruin the atmosphere of a wedding, especially when they are the prickly kind.

With the heat, we also get the sun. Yes, it is wonderful, we love it. It’s what make living in western Colorado wonderful. But, let the temperature rise, and the sun is blazing. Shade, that’s the ticket. So, we were setting up tents. Let me tell you, the white tents, set in the lush green valley of the White River, against the deep blue Colorado sky… that scene for a wedding is hard to beat.

Wedding Setup at Green Cabins, Meeker, Colorado

The wedding party with their family and friends may not notice all the work that went into cutting the weeds and erecting the tents. I’m sure they will enjoy the moment all the more because of it.

Rain or shine, we want to be your event problem solvers. Grand Events can’t guarantee that your event will be perfect (we just don’t have that power), but we’ll do our utmost to make it as close to perfect as we can. Here is what a recent client had to say:

I wanted to reach out to you after our solar event last weekend to thank and commend you and your staff.

The service that you and your staff provided far exceeded our expectations. When we could not get the cooler to operate on Friday, your guys were quick to show up and diagnose the problem. When they found that the generator running the cooler was not adequate enough, they took it upon themselves to not only make your generator available but to set it up and hook it up so that the noise from the generator was minimized.

Your team was very polite and responsive to everyone out there. You have a great team and operate a top-notch organization! We look forward to working with your company in the future and hope that you continue to retain top-notch individuals.

Please pass along our appreciation to the entire crew.


Derek Elder

Member Services Manager – Grand Valley Power


We’d like to take the heat off your event and weed out the problems. Give us a call.