Pulling off a great event, wedding, gala, or party can be a lot of hard work… and stressful to boot.  At times it can feel like you’re trying to get a drink from the fire hydrant.


We all know what that feels like.  It’s that “first time” experience.  We’ve never done it before, but here we are up to our eyeballs in it.  Sometimes the easiest way to deal with, and manage stress, is just to change your way of thinking.  Telling yourself, “Nothing, and no one is perfect,” isn’t always a cop-out; often it is simply the truth.

Acceptance and attitude can go a long way toward stress relief.  And so does realistic planning.  There is the dream of how it should look and be, and then there is the “Fourth Law of Thermodynamics.”  Actually there are only three, but some of us add a fourth and call it “Murphy’s Law.” It says, “If anything can go wrong, it will,” and usually at the worst possible moment.  Some of those moments will be those that make your day or your event unique and memorable.  Some even make it to YouTube.

Approach your event or wedding with a disaster plan, because something will deviate from the best laid plans. Plan for it. You’re saying your vows outdoors? Maybe it’s that family reunion you’ve been planning for years up on the Mesa. Do you have lots and lots of umbrellas?  Better yet, rent a tent!  Going to eat foods you’ve never had before? Make sure someone close to you is has Benadryl. Whether it’s the weather, the large gathering of incompatible people, or just Murphy’s Law, prepare for something going wrong.

A great way to help you plan is to make a list… make tons of lists.  If you’re a bride-to-be you might want to check out Wedding Bee.

Above all, learn to relax.  You don’t want to end up in the hospital before your event!  Seriously, take care of yourself and try not to stress. Your event/wedding is going to be amazing, no matter how much or little you planned.

Grand Events knows weddings, we know about events… put us to work… helping you control the pressure, handling the flow.