Is the “the usual” really “the usual”?

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November is a transition month. Sometimes it can still be fall and sometimes winter comes early. But more importantly November means Thanksgiving. I’ve asked many people over the years what they have for Thanksgiving dinner. They usually answer, “the usual.” Through repeated questioning and asking the same questions over and over, I’ve learned that there is no “the usual.” Some families prefer to go out to dinner rather than cook at home. For those that choose to cook at home, yes Turkey is “usually” served, but, it’s not always served and cooked the same way. Is it a whole turkey or just the breast? Is it broiled, baked or deep fried? Or something else altogether?
Growing up and for many years of my adult married life, the turkey was always baked/roasted in the oven. For the last several years we’ve celebrated Thanksgiving with our adult children and we’ve deep fried the Turkey. My wife likes deep frying because now I cook the Turkey.
If you cook the turkey in the oven, do you stuff it? Is it bread stuffing or cornbread stuffing? Or just apples and onions? How people make stuffing varies greatly too. In our home it’s generally bread, onions, celery and seasonings. My father didn’t like sage, therefore I’m not fond of sage in my dressing either. My wife usually makes two types for me. Plain, meaning bread, onions, celery and seasonings and the same with oysters included. Some people include raisins in their bread stuffing or apples. What do you put in? What are served as side dishes? Green beans with mushroom soup and onion straws? Cream corn casserole? Cranberry sauce? Homemade or canned? Mashed potatoes and gravy or sweet potatoes? Bread, rolls, or muffins? Salad? What type of salad? Green salad or fruit salad? Or is it Jello salad?
Finally, it’s time to talk about dessert. Do you serve pie? More than one type? Pumpkin, apple, pecan or something else? Sweet potato pie? Do you serve it with whip cream? Canned or the kind you whip yourself with heavy cream and sugar? All this talk about thanksgiving and food is making me hungry so I need to stop writing about food. If the unexpected happens and you find yourself in need of chairs, tables, dishes, glassware, flatware or linens, we can help you with that. That’s what we do at Grand Events. We help people. We at Grand Events hope you have a happy Thanksgiving filled with wonderful food, friends and memories.